Field Research

Obtaining ideas and information first hand

Our major task in pre-production is the research phase, supporting producers and researchers, contributing ideas, sourcing Television and Web with factual information, people and locations suitable for their programs.
Fixer in Morocco have conducted many research, knows exactly how to track information quickly and in less cost, ready to investigate, analyze, study and examine information to send you a clear, concise and reliable material.

Locations Scout

Diversity of Landscape in short distances will save you long hours travel

Location Scouting is a vital process during pre-production. Before initiating research, we agree to the general aesthetics of the scenes scheduled for outdoor shooting. Then I make my scouting research, sending you pictures or videos. Takes all the appropriate legal measures for accessing the shooting area of a location and issues all filming license needed.

The Filming Permit

Takes up to 15 working days, and it's free of charge

It's important to know that the Moroccan Authorities require a Filming Permit to shoot inside the Kingdom, but it's not hard to get, just to know the process and how to put it then anyone will certainly have it issued. Fixer in Morocco will give you full advice and support how and where and when to put it, then represents you by going directly to targeted offices and follow up untill you have it issued on time.

Aerial Filming

Put into strict legal process, but doable

Aerial filming is a must for certain productions, Moroccan authorities baned the amateur use of drones, however, legal process is set to temporary import and use a drone.
Helicopter aerial filming is affordable, few companies are leaders and propose a full range of filming gears.
Hot air Balloons are another option to capture the desert and palmtrees fields from the sky.

Fixer in Morocco

Fixer in Morocco

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Logistics and Crew

We're having it ready. Pass your order

We pass on our recommendations of suppliers who afford decent money - value balance, be it Hotels - Riads, Transport and filming equipment.
We source Mini-buses of 9 and 15 seats, 4x4s, SUVs
We source filming equipment: Cameras, Light, Sound, underwater, Aerial.
We source all needed local crew having experience and speaking English