Shortly About Me


Karim El Amri, Fixer in Morocco and Local Producer with a considerable experience collaborating with TV and Film crews since 2001 covering most important Locations both for TV and Feature films. I am based in Rabat, the capital city close to all administrations. I have a BA in English Literature, speak Fluent English and French with a native Arabic.
You can rely on me to source you with legal advice on Film permit and logistics, first hand information, targeted people and potential locations, as well as tips and tricks to top off a wonderful shoot.
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  • Stories & ResearchMy experience and knowledge of the Moroccan geography & culture is a good asset to your pre-production phase, i suggest stories and help develope yours.
  • Filming permit in MoroccoI will give you full support, technical and practical advices. I live in Rabat, the capital city, close to all government offices and administrations.
  • Locations Scout Location Scouting is a vital process during pre-production. Your Fixer in Morocco and according to your story and Artistic Vision, will fetch you with info packs of potential locations, will take the appropriate legal measures for accessing the shooting area and issue all filming license needed.

My Clients

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